If you haven’t seen it already, you will – a general call to improve the lawns in the neighborhood. One of the things that the board is trying to do is make sure the aesthetics of the neighborhood are enhanced by nice looking lawns among other things. So some requests will be going out for a “Lawn Remediation Plan.”


What this means is, we realize that the soil conditions in the neighborhood combined with the less than stellar landscaping job the builder provided when the homes were built has created a VERY difficult lawn project for many people. Unfortunately, regardless of the reason, we still have to do something to get the grass greener on both sides of the fences…


This page is meant to provide some information on what the board is looking for. Before we get started, I want to point you to the Lowe’s website where there is a lot of information on lawn care – Basic Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips. It’s a GREAT site, and as you know, Lowe’s is right up the road.

Lets start with an example of what could be submitted for a Lawn Remediation Plan:

  1. Keep grass and weeds cut during the summer.
  2. August 1, treat lawn with standard weed killer –
    Weed & feed if there is grass present,
    Roundup/Spectricide if the lawn is 80%+ weeds.
  3. Starting in September, aerate lawn, spread 10-10-10 fertilizer pellets and lime pellets and seed with Kentucky31 or Rebel grass seed (or whatever seed you want, except Rye).
  4. Mid October, overseed where grass isn’t catching well
  5. Mid November/Early December fertilize with 24-4-12

That’s it – we’re not looking for a professionally created document here, just a plan to make the grass prettier in the Spring. And if you have the money for a sprinkler system, that’s awesome – but again, we realize that in most cases we have other priorities for our budgets than keeping our yard wet. So don’t worry about the perfect green year round look – unless you really want to. Then we’ll post a picture of your yard as the “perfect yard of the month” or something fancy like that.


In general, we’ll be more aware of the “well kept” factor of the lawns until next year. That means, PLEASE MOW YOUR LAWN – every other week at a minimum. Keep your front yard as nice as possible – no trash bins, car parts, equipment, etc… that stuff belongs in the garage or somewhere out of site. And when you mow, please blow the clippings back into your yard when you mow by the street – not into the road. If your drive isn’t paved, spray roundup in the gravel regularly – keep the weeds out of the drive and edge the driveway a few times during the mowing season.

Next up – Weeds and Stuff…