While I’m thinking about the grounds, I want to take a minute to talk about the hedges along Cedar Grove Way.

As many of you know, we’ve discussed the need to trim the hedges several times over the last several months. Earlier this year, the hedges were way out of control, and the grounds contractor came through and trimmed them. By the time he had finished, they were almost as bad as when he had started because they grew so fast. There have been a number of complaints about the hedges not being trimmed sufficiently, and not enough. So after careful consideration and discussions with the Grounds committee as well as the managing agent and the grounds contractor, it was decided to have the hedges cut severely, to 4′. I want to make a point of stating that the contractor was obligated to trim the hedges twice this year, but not to cut them. He’s doing this at no additional charge to the community – and this is a VERY difficult process. The contractor from last year – Class A – allowed the hedges to get to the height they are at now – and we were paying them about 500$ a month more than the current contractor. Class A also refused to remove the poison ivy and other weeds from the hedges, even though they were under contract to do so. The contractor this year, however, has done everything we have asked of him, and at a very good price. I didn’t use the word “fair” because I really don’t know how he’s making money doing it.

As for how it looks – well, yeah, it looks terrible right now. No one is disputing that. Yes, the difference in privacy to the corner lots along Cedar Grove Way is stark. We expected that. However, this kind of hedge needs to be trimmed severely on occasion, especially when they get as tall as they have. I asked one of the resident grounds professionals about it before we awarded the new contract, and he said the best thing to do would be to cut them all down to the ground and let them grow back. That way, they would be healthier, and we could also remove all the poison ivy and other vines and weeds easily. Now THAT would have been an aesthetic shocker. If you walk to the end of the hedge row, near Nasselle, however, you’ll see that in just a few weeks time, in the fall no less, there is lots of new growth already on the bushes that were cut first. So the hedges WILL grow back, and they will be prettier than ever.

Also, as I’m sure you you’ve seen, the hedges are very wide. Consider how they would look if we had asked the grounds guys to cut both the height and width at the same time. If you think they look bad now, then imagine what they would have looked like with NO leaves remaining.

Long and short here, I’m asking that you take a long view of the aesthetics. When you ride by, or when you look out your window, and think “WOW those hedges look awful,” try to imagine how nice they will look around May of next year.