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Yard Sale is coming!!!

You totally don’t wear that shirt anymore.

You never used the immersion blender or the weedeater, even though you swore you were going to.

You thought your kid would LOVE that video game, and you were wrong.

And don’t even get you started on that stack of books you no longer want.

Welcome to your garage sale pile.

See? You’ve already started creating it, and you didn’t even realize it.

September 17 is creeping up. Start pricing your stuff!


Need help pricing your stuff? Check out this link for ideas!

New Survey from the Board

The Cedar Grove Board of Directors appreciates your replies to the Tot Lot/Playground Survey.  The results will help the Board review up and coming projects.


The Cedar Grove Board of Directors have implemented a second survey with the purpose of polling the community opinion related to Trailers and Commercial/Work Vehicles.  This survey is a Google Docs survey, which can be accessed through the following link:

You are not required to have a Google or Gmail account to complete this survey.  The Board of Directors appreciates your responses as they work towards improvements to your community in 2016.  The survey will be available for the next thirty (30) days.  Please respond no later than May 1, 2016.



Working Together,


The Cedar Grove Board of Directors

The ACS Management Team

Winterizing Your home.

Its that time of year again and with the snow about to arrive, ACS and your Board wanted to provide some resources for ways to winterize your homes.

Winterization of houses: Here are 2 articles that provide some good ideas on how to winterize your house.

Also here is a flyer that has more useful information.

Winter Weather Tips